Update: World Dwarf Games

UPDATE: January 2021.

In light of the World Pandemic situation, the International Dwarf Sports Federation (IDSF) Board has decided to postpone the World Dwarf Games. Germany will host the 8th edition of the Games in 2023, and Australia will host the 2027 World Dwarf Games.

The IDSF board met on Friday 29th January 2021 to discuss the world pandemic’s ongoing impact. All countries represented on the board gave an overview of their current circumstances. Many federations had similarities with limited ability to conduct national games, training camps and fundraising opportunities. These are essential components for nations preparing to attend the World Dwarf Games. Additionally, it was clear that many countries are restricted with international travel, and only resuming international travel after a vaccine rollout.

Considering the above points, it is clear that most federations would have been significantly underprepared to participate in 2022.

The board understands the disappointment this may bring to many; however, it is our duty to ensure all our participants’ safety and ensure equity across the globe in terms of preparation and attendance.

Germany looks forward to welcoming all in 2023.

If a federation has any further question/s, please head to our website to contact the IDSF.

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