New website and Social Media Presence

Professionalism, ease of access and worldwide connections is at the forefront of the IDSF relaunch plan. The IDSF is committed to becoming a prominent international sporting federation that continues to promote sporting opportunities for athletes with dwarfism. The IDSF-Website will serve as the official point of call for all information relevant to the federation and the WDG. Beyond the website, the IDSF is now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These social medial platforms will serve as a central point to the latest news, announcements and all articles in relation to the “World Dwarf Games”. Be sure to follow, like and share – the power of social media is indefinite.


Facebook:  International Dwarf Sports Federation (@IDSF.DwarfSport)

Instagram: @idsf_dwarfsport

Twitter: @IDSF_DwarfSport

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