World Dwarf Games Host Announcement

Following on from a very successful 2017 World Dwarf Games held in Guelph Canada the International Dwarf Sports Federation (IDSF) met  in Birmingham in May 2018 of which seven Countries from around the World were represented to make up the IDSF board.


We can now  announce the next two World Dwarf Games Hosts.


2021 will be in Germany 🇩🇪
2025 will be in Australia 🇦🇺


I would like to encourage all countries to work towards bringing a team out to compete in these prestigious events. As time goes on there will be more information to follow regarding the World Dwarf Games. I would like to thank both Germany and Australia for agreeing to Host these Games. IDSF feel it is so important that countries around the World can give opportunities to members with dwarfism conditions, to come together and compete equally in Sporting competitions.  And to be one voice where needed to stand up and change perceptions of small people in Sport. This is why it is so important that the World Dwarf Games continue on in strength, while breaking down the barriers of difference. Together we
can do that.


Arthur Dean
President IDSF


Below you can find more detailed announcements about the next two World Dwarf Games from the respective host.


🇩🇪 Fro  the German host about the World Dwarf Games 2021:

Guy’s watch out- your next flight ticket for the World Dwarf Games 2021 goes to Cologne!
We are honoured to say to every athlete: „Herzlich Willkommen in Germany”- are you ready for the World Dwarf Games 2021? Our arrangements are in progress and we are sure it will be an unforgettable athletic time with you!  We are looking forward to have exciting sport competitions at eye level with every nation of the world. Have you ever been to Germany? That’s now your chance to visit the land full of diversity, traditions, culinary highlights and much more  – don’t miss it, you will regret it !
See you all soon in Cologne !


🇦🇺 From the Australian host about the World Dwarf Games 2025:

G’day Mates, are you ready to come Down Under? Australia 2025

For the first time in the history of the World Dwarf Games, the IDSF have elected not one but two host nations. 2021 in Germany and 2025 in Australia. This decision is another aspect of IDSF vision of professionalism. Knowing the locations of the next two World Dwarf Games enables hosts and athletes time to prepare and execute the perfect games. The 2029 World Dwarf Games will be voted on after the 2021 World Dwarf Games, ensuring the IDSF plan of continuity. Australia are excited to host the first ever World Dwarf Games in the Southern Hemisphere. The games will continue to evolve the World Dwarf Games Legacy and promise to bring a truly elite level of competition. With this significant change of location, Australia hope to attract new nations from the Oceanic and Asian regions. Australia have already commenced their planning and look forward to revealing the finer details after Germany 2021.

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